Mr. Jagdish Patel

Faculty Details

  • Designation : Lecturer
  • Qualification : M. E. Electrical
  • Experience : 28 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Control System

Skill and knowledge

Teaching skills in Electrical Engineering Subjects, Administrative, Leadesship

Course taught

Electrical Power Generation and Transmission,Distribution and Utilization, DC Circuits,AC Circuits,Electrical Drawing and Drafting,Electrical Estimating, Costing and Contracting

Training and Workshop

Sr No  Type of Training Name of Training Duration Week Organized by Place
1 IP-1 Induction phase-I 13/04/1998 to 08/05/1998 4 TTTI, Bhopal TTTI extension Centre, Ahmedabad
2 STTP Strategies for Enhancing Effectiveness of Study Centres 11/05/1998 to 13/05/1998 03 days TTTI, Bhopal TTTI extension Centre, Ahmedabad
3 Industrial-1 Industrial Phase-02 18/05/1998 to 13/06/1998 4 Inductotherm India Limited, Ahmedabad Inductotherm India Limited, Ahmedabad
4 STTP E-452 Computer aided Electrical Drawing and Drafting 18/06/2001 to 21/06/2001 1 BBIT,VVNagar BBIT,VVNagar
5 STTP Computer Application(258) 26/12/2001 to 29/12/2001 1 CUSP, Surendranagar CUSP, Surendranagar
6 Workshop Management of Personal Finances 02-02-02 01 day Canada India IIL Project AMA,Ahmedabad
7 STTP Electrical Commissioning, Testing and Wiring 22/07/2002 to 26/07/2002 1 TTTI, Bhopal TTTI, Bhopal
8 STTP Computer aided Electrical Drawing and Drafting 10/02/2003 to 14/02/2003 1 NITTTR, Bhopal NITTTR, Bhopal
9 STTP MMI for  Process Automation and Control 31/03/2003 to 02/04/2003 03 days CRISP, Bhopal GP,Ahmedabad
10 STTP AC/DC Drives 14/02/2006 to 18/02/2006 1 CRISP, Bhopal GP,Ahmedabad
11 Industrial-2  Industrial Training 01/05/2006 to 12/05/2006 2 Shree Ambica Engineers, Ahmedabad Shree Ambica Engineers, Ahmedabad
12 STTP Conducted Electrical Installation and Testing 09/10/2006 to 13/10/2006 1 EE DEPT,GPA Service to Community under TEQIP,WBA GP,Ahmedabad
13 Seminar Testing of Electrical Equipments as per Standards 20-01-07 01 day Institute of Diploma Studies, Nirma University, Ahmedabad Nirma University, Ahmedabad
14 STTP Conducted Energy Conservation Techniques 21/01/2008 to 25/01/2008 1 EE DEPT,GPA Service to Community under TEQIP,WBA GP,Ahmedabad
15 STTP Capacity Building for research in Evaluation (RC-72/09-10) 22/03/2010 to 26/03/2010 1 NITTTR, Bhopal NITTTR, Bhopal
16 STTP AICTE-ISTE STTP on Computing Skills for Research Activity 15/04/2010 to 28/04/2010 2 GP,Ahmedabad GP,Ahmedabad
17 STTP Lab Workshop and Project Design and its assessment for skill based curriculum (POP-074/10-11) 18/10/2010 to 22/10/2010 1 NITTTR, Bhopal NITTTR, Bhopal
18 ISTE Workshop Workshop on Database Management System 13/12/2010 to 23/12/2010 2 IIT, Bombay
(ICT based)
Nirma University, Ahmedabad
19 Karmayogi Training Karmayogi Residential Training for Quality Improvement Program in Technical Education 12/12/2013 to 14/12/2013 03 days CTE, Gandhinagar Swaminarayan Dham, Gandhinagar
20 STTP Academic Audit (ID-23/14-15) 25/08/2014 to 29/08/2014 1 NITTTR, Bhopal NITTTR, Bhopal
21 STTP Advances in Electrical Engineering and allied disciplines (GUJ-20/14-15) 08/12/2014 to 19/12/2014 2 NITTTR, Bhopal NITTTR extension Centre, Ahmedabad
22 FDP Beyond the classroom towards excellence 11/09/2018 to 16/09/2018  1 DTE and IITE, Gandhinagar  IITE, Gandhinagar
23 STEm-2019 International conference on Science,Technology, Engineerign and mathematics 17-01-19 01 day Education Department andDepartment of Science and technology under aegis of Vibrant Gujarat 2019 Science City, Ahmedabad
24 Online UDAYAM E-Content Development Course 28/07/2020 to18/08/2020 2 KCG and HRDC,Gujarat University Online (MS TEAM)
25 Online Comprehensive Online Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) 6/7/2020 to 14/09/2020 2 Education Department and i-Hub Online (MS TEAM)


Training and Placement. 

Research Projects

System Identification using Neural Network during PG Study.



Academic Projects

Electrical and Electronic Projects 

Patent Filed


Professional Institution Memberships


Expert Lectures