Faculty Details

  • Designation : Lecturer
  • Qualification : B.E. (E & C), M.E. (C.S.E.)
  • Experience : 20 Years
  • Area Of Interest : SEO, Networking

Skill and knowledge

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing
Online Fraud detection
Database Management

Course taught

Database Management System

Advanced Database Management System
Computer Network
Digital Electronics
Network Security

Training and Workshop

Sr.No Name of Institute Discipline Area of Training Title of Training Training Duration Training Venue
1 IIM, Ahmedabad INTER DISCIPLINE pedagogy ENHANCING TEACHER EFFECTIVENESS 2007-03-22 TO 2007-03-24 Ahmedabad
2 NITTTR,Ahmedabad Induction Induction Phase-I Induction Phase I 2007-01-08 TO 2007-01-19 Bhopal
3 NITTTR,Bhopal INTER DISCIPLINE pedagogy Effective Curriculum Implementation 2007-12-17 TO 2007-12-21 Bhopal
4 NITTTR,Bhopal Induction Induction Phase-II Induction Phase II 2008-01-21 TO 2008-02-01 Bhopal
5 Shrinath Engineering Associates Industrial Processing and Development Industrial Training 2008-06-16 TO 2008-06-17 Ahmedabad
6 VPMP Institute Computer Application Development/ Programming Programming with PHP and MYSQL 2011-12-05 TO 2011-12-16 Gandhinagar
7 NITTTR,Bhopal Computer Networking Computer Networking Using Window Server 2013-06-17 TO 2013-06-21 Bhopal
8 DTE, Gandhinagar Administration Routine Office Administration Karmayogi Residential training for Quality Improvement Program in Technical Education 2013-11-21 TO 2013-11-24 Gandhinagar
9 NITTTR,Bhopal INTER DISCIPLINE Database Web Based Courseware Development 2014-09-08 TO 2014-09-12 Bhopal
10 G.P.Ahmedabad Computer Application Development/ Programming Mobile Communication using Android Operating system 2014-12-29 TO 2015-01-09 Ahmedabad
11 NITTTR,Bhopal INTER DISCIPLINE Research Research Methodology and Academic Writing 2015-12-21 TO 2016-01-01 Bhopal
12 DAICT, Gandhinagar Computer Information/ Cyber Security IEEE CIS Winter school on Emerging Research Trends in Computational Intelligence: Theory and Applications 2016-03-01 TO 2016-03-05 Gandhinagar
13 NITTTR,Bhopal INTER DISCIPLINE pedagogy Use of Blog in Teaching Learning 2016-06-06 TO 2016-06-10 Bhopal
14 NITTTR,Bhopal INTER DISCIPLINE Entrepreneurship Enhancing Vocational and Entrepreneurship skills 2016-12-12 TO 2016-12-23 Bhopal
15 RCTI Computer Networking Fundamentals of Network administration 2017-06-05 TO 2017-06-09 Ahmedabad
16 NITTTR,Ahmedabad INTER DISCIPLINE Management Total Quality Management 2017-11-20 TO 2017-11-24 Ahmedabad
17 LDCE, Ahmedabad Information & Technology Internet of Things Fundamentals & Application of IoT, Bigdata & Machine Learning 2018-05-28 TO 2018-06-08 LDCE, Ahmedabad
18 DTE, Gandhinagar DTE National Board of Accreditation NBA Accreditation 2019-07-22 TO 2019-07-26 IIT RAM ,Ahmedabad
19 KCG, Ahmedabad INTER DISCIPLINE E-Content Development UDAYAM E-Content Development Course 28-07-2020 to 18-08-2020 Online


  • CTE level MIS Coordinator
  • CTE Common website Coordinator
  • CTE level NBA portal Coordinator
  • COGENT portal - Officer on Special Duty


  •  "Blogwheel- An Effective SEO Backlinking Technique" 

OCS -1.13 P122 International Conference on Control, Computing, Communication & Materials August 03-04 2013.

  •  Need for Backlinks Analysis in Search Engine Optimization

2012 National Conference On Emerging Trends in Computer Engineering & IT

Professional Institution Memberships

ISTE Life time member -LM48874

Expert Lectures

 “Realtime examples of Procedures, Triggers and  Cursors” at Government Polytechnic Gandhinagar on March 27, 2021 at 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m