Faculty Details

  • Designation : Lecturer
  • Qualification : M.E.(CAD/CAM)
  • Experience : 6 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Design/CAD

Work Experience

10 years as a Lecturer

Research and Publication

  1. "Design and Thermal Analysis of Coronary stent" (ICIKR-ETS-2012),24-25 March,2012
  2. "Review in Effect of Grain Refinement and modification on the dry sliding wear behavior of eutectic AL-Si Alloy" (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622.
  3. "Effect of Grain refinement and modification on the dry sliding wear behavior of eutectic Al-Si alloys using gravity die casting" (IJERA) ISSN:2248-9622.
  4. "Comparative study for tool wear rate in EDM using tool of graphite,Copper and silver" (IJEMER) Volume-5, FEB-2015.
  5. "An Experimental Study for material removal rate in EDM using tool of Graphite,Copper and Silver" (RAIJMR) Volume-4, JAN-2015.
  6. "An Experimental Effect of Electrode material on Overcut, MRR,TWR and Surface Roughness of Al-Si 304 stainless steel in EDM" (IJSRD) Volume-2, JAN-2015.
  7. "Parametric Study for Overcut using EDM with tool of Graphite, Copper and Silver" (IJIERE) Volume-2, MARCH-2015


Departmental Portfolio

Store, Computer Maintenance

Central Portfolio



1. IP1 Ahmedabad 2 week

2.STTP at GEC Dahod 1 week
3. STTP at GEC Dahod 1 week