Faculty Details

  • Designation : Lecturer
  • Qualification : MTech
  • Experience : 6 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Computer Engineering

Skill and Knowledge

Computer Programming

Course taught

Advance Computer Programming (3320702)
Microprocessor And Assembly Language Programming (3330705)
Computer Organization And Architecture(3340705)
Java Programming (3350703)

Training and Workshop

1. Induction Phase 1 by NITTR Bhopal RCTI Ahmedabad Extn Center
Date : 15/1/2017 to 26/1/2017
2. Accreditation for Diploma Engineering Programmes by NITTR Bhopal
Date : 27 Jan 2020 to 13 Apr 2020
3. COMPREHENSIVE ONLINE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (IPR) by  Gujarat Student Startup and Innovation Hub ( i - Hub )
Date :  July 6, 2020 to September 14, 2020
4. Online UDAYAM (Unlimited Digital Advanced Yearlong Academic Method of Learning) E-Content Development Course by KCG Ahmedabad
Date :28/07/2020 to 18/08/2020
5. Induction Phase 2 by NITTR Bhopal RCTI Ahmedabad Extn Center
Date : 21/6/2021 to 2/7/2021


Lab Coordinator

Class Coordinator

BISAG related work

Departmental Time table Committee member

Departmental Writeoff Committee member

GTU Online marks Entry Verification

Research Projects

Not Applicable 


Not Applicable

Academic Projects

Guidance given to final year student for their project work.

Patent Filed

Not Applicable

Professional Institution Memberships

Not Applicable

Expert Lectures

Not Applicable


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