Faculty Details

  • Designation : Lecturer
  • Qualification : M.E.(ELECTRICAL)
  • Experience : 17 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Microcontroller and electronics

Skill and knowledge

Ardiuno and 8051 microcontroller programming and interfacing

8085 microprocessor programming

Education Qualification



15 Years

Course taught

Digital Electronics 

Power Electronics  

Training and Workshop

Sr.No                        Name of Traning           Venue          Duration Week
1 Virtual Instrumentation & Circuit Simulation using LABVIEW & MULTISIM   NITTTR ,Bhopal 26/10/15 TO 30/10/15 01
2 Leadership development at different levels  NITTTR Bhopal 31/07/17 to 04/08/17 01
3 Fundamentals and Applications of IOT, Big data and Machine learning  L.D.College Of Engg.,Ahmedabad  28/05/18 to 08/06/18 02
4 Digital Circuits  NPTEL ONLINE (IIT, Kharagpur) 30/07/18 TO 19/10/18 02
5 Power System Engineering  NPTEL ONLINE (IIT, Kharagpur) 28/01/19 TO 19/04/19 02
6 Faculty Development for Teachers of Technical Courses IITE,Gandhinagar 03/09/19 TO 09/09/19 01
7 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering  NPTEL ONLINE (IIT, Kharagpur) 29/07/19 TO 18/10/19 02


Assistant Administrative Offficer


Analysis of Open loop V/F control of three level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter fed Induction Motor  Drive, IJCSE, Vol-6,Issue-12, December 2018, E-ISSN:2347-2693

Dynamic behaviour of DFIG based wind turbine under fixed and variable wind speed, IJCSE, Vol-6,Issue-12, December 2018, E-ISSN:2347-2693

 Performance of SCIG and DFIG wind turbines under different wind speed, Vol-8,Issue-5, May 2018, ISSN:2249-555X,IF:5.397

Academic Projects

Electrical and Electronics Projects

Professional Institution Memberships

ISTE Life Time member - (LM35109)